4 of Pentacles mash up

Some exaggerated examples of the 4 of Pentacles. I love using the familiar as a learning tool.🌞


Focus card: 4 of Pentacles

  – 4 of Pentacles from the Rider-Waite 

Tonight, my focus is on the 4 of Pentacles. He clings to control and his emotions are linked to the physical. Like all 4s in the Tarot, there’s a pause in action. In the 4 of swords we see rest and reflection. In the 4 of Wands we see foundation, achievement, and celebration. In the 4 of Cups we see boredom and reluctance. In this, the 4 of Pentacles we see see an inability to move forward for fear of losing control. In this, we can only do as well as the parameters that we have set for ourselves allow. A focus on security and the never ending search for fulfillment through that which you can hold. In this card, we push the world away to focus on what we value. Eventually we all yearn for more and connections must grow deeper. Conflict with ourselves brings about the need for change. ⭐️

Tarot Sixes

I do love all the sixes in Tarot. They offer a reprieve, either by looking forward or looking back. The struggle of all the 5’s can be real so an upright 6 is a welcome treat to me.🌞🌙

Harlow's Museum of Horror and Delights

Six of Cups

Bohemian Gothic Tarot Six of CupsNostalgia.  Fond memories of childhood.  Connecting the past to the present.

from the Bohemian Gothic Tarot:  “Innocence.  Happy memories, especially of childhood.   Indulging in simple, childlike pleasures.  Losing yourself in nostalgia and regrets.  Hiding some ulterior motive under an apparently sweet and naive act.”


Simone Simon and Amy Reed in Curse of the Cat People

six of swords

Six of Swords:  Remaining serene through troubled waters.  Changes and travel.  Nightmares of the dream and physical realm.   Not being able to escape your problems.  Trying to run away.

from the Bohemian Gothic Tarot: “Getting through a hard time calmly and quietly.  Making a profound change in your life, one that will take some time.  Feeling ‘dead’ to the world.  A period of mourning for a loss.”

let's scare jessica to death

Scene from Let’s Scare Jessica to Death


Pride in achievements.  Self-confidence.  Valor and bravery through tasks.

from the Bohemian Gothic Tarot: “A hard-won…

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Daily energy and advice instagram style

If you aren’t already following me over on Instagram I encourage you to check it out. I do daily reads, discussions, share tarot tips, and random pieces of my life. Here is today’s read:

Energy and advice: There’s that carb loving Devil again.😜 We may find the help we seek if we ask the right sources. Charity may be ours to give or to receive. The advice is to be careful of the things you put value on. The dirt is in the details so make sure you truly value what it is you’re attempting and that your interest in it will be lasting. Don’t get swept up in the feeling of need and sign up for more than you bargained.👹

Tarot teacher or Tarot companion?

I was cruising around the Internet looking up anything and everything about Tarot. I really love all the YouTube videos that are out. So many quality readers giving out advice and instruction. I scrolled down, and down, and down, when it became apparent just how many readers out there also teach. Soooo many teachers! It made me realize that after so many years of having the tarot be a major feature in my life (21 to be exact) I have never felt pulled to teach. I have never had a want to stand up in front of a class and teach methods and spreads. I do, however LOVE brainstorming and sharing the tarot with other readers, new or old. I have always felt I was too much of a student to teach. I feel like the Page of Cups; a bad teacher because I’m always off on my own dreamy adventure and my own adventure distracts me, but a good example. I’m dedicated, excited and always listening to the tarot!

I feel more like a companion when it comes to the advice I’ve given other readers who have asked. I feel like we are constantly learning from each other. No one is wrong. Everyone brings something different. I learn from the people I read for, even. Each new experience brings a lesson. Maybe it’s that I stay too open at times? I’m bad at concreting myself into anything. My mind is always changing and I would hate to drag a class full of people through the many faces of my mind. 

How do you view yourself? Do you aim to teach others or be a companion? I do believe you can be both. I have taken quite a few classes in recent years and all the best teachers I found were. Maybe someday I’ll change my tune but for now I will stay a companion and ever evolving student of the tarot. Those who I meet on that path may hold my hand for a while but we each must work toward our own destiny. 

-🌞 Addie

My journey into the Tarot

My youth was filled with many magical moments. Just like it says in the book The Red Tent, my story begins with my parent’s story. 

My mom was born and raised in a Jewish household in New York. Her father came from Russian Jews that had immigrated to the U.S. and her mother had converted to Judaism, having originally been raised in West Virgina in a mining family by parents that were holy rollers. 

My father was born in Kansas to a minister and his wife. He was one of 6 children. He grew up steeped church and family and had a great passion for music. It was through music that my parents met. My father was playing a gig in Reno and my mom was the waitress at the time. Basically, the rest in history. She joined him on the road and eventually they made their way our to California where I was eventually born.

My parents had a lot of experience with various religions. All their experiences had led them to view spirituality, connection, energy, and the universe differently from the ways they were raised to. 

My mom, as a Jew, was taught to discuss and question. To flip things all around and understand all the sides and possibilities. To never underestimate. I think she was and still is my biggest inspiration and influence. She raised me to never close myself off. Through her I was exposed at a very young age to very spiritual and life changing situations. Situations that were ripe with meaning and lessons and she never feared discussing real life with me. She always let me see. 

My father brought a happy, musical influence in my life. He has always been a master of ceremonies. He brings people together wether it’s through music or action. He’s a special man. I thank him for my work ethic and ability to keep weird hours. Many musicians know what it is to be a night owl.

My family is very open. I’m the youngest of 3 sisters, all of us 7 years apart. My childhood was poor monetarily but rich with love and meaning. It was my oldest sister that gave me my first set of tarot cards. She travels the world (still does. We are all jacks of all trades and roaming hippies) and asked me if I wanted a set of tarot cards from Holland that she had picked up. They had no box or book and were in a foreign language. Being 10, I of course jumped at them! That was the major start! Then came years of learning the names of each card. Looking up things was not as easy as it is today especially for a poor kid. I could sometimes make it to the library but I didn’t always have a computer or even a house for that matter. My cards and their meanings traveled with me in my bag and in a notebook that I wrote myself. Many of my card meanings are deeply personal. They come from my own life and experiences. I associated them with the little sayings and signs I was taught to read as my mothers child. I based them on my own associations with certain colors or objects. I could always see a story in each card. Each line and color on all the cards were a jumping board for messages to come through.  

 – My first deck set of Tarot cards, a Dutch version of the Rider-Waite along with the Soul cards my mother gave me that same year. I used these in many early readings. 

I mainly kept this gift to myself, often finding it a comfort in the tougher moments of my childhood. I would read for my friends and family. Sometimes for fun. Sometimes for food or a cool hippy bracelet. I’ve never been too into money just as long as I have what I need and a little happiness. Back then I was only one person so my needs were simple and few. Eventually at the age of 16, I got married to my current husband and moved far off to Texas. There, my focus was on my family and my husband’s busy military career. It wasn’t until we moved back to California in 2004 that I reopened that gift box again and thumbed my cards. As time went on, the cards were everywhere for me. My passion, love, and knowledge grew and grew into what you see today. And it’s still growing. I will never NOT be a student of Tarot. It’s ever deepening and welcoming to me. It has been a part of who and what I am for over 20 years now. I’m always studying and always learning. I love the tarot like it’s a person. It breathes to me. It moves and is hot and cold. So ageless and evolving.

That is my tarot journey. More or less. If you have any questions please leave me a comment.:)

It’s been a while but I see a wolf moon rising!!;)

Hey there everyone.
It’s been a while. So much has happened and changed. I moved and my husband switched careers. Times were crazy and ever changing but now things are settling into a flow I can handle. I love the many favors that life brings but I am a creature of habit. I’m an Aquarius, after all!
There is one new thing that I’m excited about! I opened up my own etsy store and the readings have been so flowing!! I love the ease of it and the ability to better communicate with my clients. It’s great stuff! Check it out.
wildgreenwoman etsy shop

That brings me to the other important thing on my mind right now. It’s the first Full Moon of 2015 tomorrow Sunday , January 4th. It goes by many names (after Yule moon, snow moon, cold moon) but the most popular name is the Wolf moon. Legends tell of hungry wolves howling at the moon outside of villages at this time of year. In many places it is a time of desperate cold and little food to be found that comes from the Earth. A quieter, more silent time of year. Even the landscape shows less variety of color and only small signs of life. Animals are in hibernation and the ones that aren’t are trying to preserve their energy so that they may survive. You can imagine the sound of the hungry wolves in this desolate, cold landscape. Their howls calling out to the dark heavens. To the glimmering moon. Trying to invoke a response from the universe perhaps?
I just love this moon! I feel like I’m lucky every time I get to set my eyes on the first round, beautiful moon of a brand new year of moments, each one a gift. This time of year is always deep and contemplative for me. I tend to move more into myself and review the contents of my head. I like to think about where I was at the beginning of last year and where I am today. I think of what I want to do, where I want to go, and who I want to be a part of my year. Sometimes I yearn for more. Sometimes I yearn for less. I mainly like to take the time to be thankful for each and every moment of the passing year. All the friends and faces that were in it and some of the ones I won’t see again but in my head. I always remember the people who aren’t available to me or I have lost even more this time of year. It seems it’s quieter and darker so I can hear better and feel their presence clearer.

I like to do my full moon reading every month but I always feel like this month is so powerful. It’s the beginning of a fresh start of sorts. The beginning of more potential. It really helps me to see what I need to let go of. Like a jump start to my year. I love the beautiful moon so much! Take care on this Wolf Full Moon Eve and happy happy happy Full Wolf Moon tomorrow!!❤️🌝❤️