Harvest Moon Tarot Spread


I’m offering this 12 card spread that touches on many areas of your life. Relationships, inspirations, needs, and progress. This spread is available starting now until Monday evening. The cost is $25. For inquiries please read my code of ethics and fill out a contact form or email me at wildgreenwoman@gmail.com


The beautiful moon.

IMG_2872.JPG-The waxing moon from the beautiful coast of California. Where the forest meets the ocean and the mists water the trees. I live in such a magical place.

Review of a new (to me) deck: The Tarot Illuminati Deck

As many of you know, I am currently enrolled in the Tarosophy certification course. I’m actually about half way through.😊 I have been enjoying this course so intensely. Even after years of reading, it has opened my eyes to even more possibilities within the cards. They provide a logical, yet very intuitive approach to becoming comfortable and confident in your card reading skills. The instructor of this particular course is no other than Kim Huggins, the author of the companion book to the Tarot Illuminati set, of which I’m reviewing today.
During class, she used just a few images from this deck and I totally fell in love. I don’t always go for shiny things but this deck really spoke to me with its color and different take on expression in each card. To my eyes the pictures showed movement, almost like a 3-d effect. The details are just wonderful, right down to the card backs that resemble dragon eyes and compasses. I find all parts of these cards inspiring and expressive.

IMG_0260.JPG– The Tarot Illuminati Deck

So I ordered this deck and loved it! I’ve had it for less than a week and have already done so many honest and illuminating readings with these cards. I’m so pleased, as are my clients. The artwork of Erik C. Dunne is so vibrant and entrancing, it is truly like entering the scene of the card, allowing me to feel the moment and the message. Above are just a few of my favorite cards in this deck. This was a tough choice, my friends. I mean, look at that dog on The Fool card! The strength and power shown on the Queen of Wands. The patience and thoughtfulness of the Strength card. The grace under pressure and courage of the Tower card. So expressive and so beautiful.
The companion book is beautifully written and Illustrated, making the study of it all the easier. Kim Huggins does a wonderful job touching on the meanings, themes, and concepts of each card. I’m very impressed, indeed.
If you are looking to buy another deck (like most of us secretly are) I highly recommend taking a good look at this one. I have to say, I was surprised that I loved it this much since I usually go for more simple, less vibrant cards. Again, I am shown the worth of expanding my horizons. I am forever the student.

All the Blessings,