It’s been a while but I see a wolf moon rising!!;)

Hey there everyone.
It’s been a while. So much has happened and changed. I moved and my husband switched careers. Times were crazy and ever changing but now things are settling into a flow I can handle. I love the many favors that life brings but I am a creature of habit. I’m an Aquarius, after all!
There is one new thing that I’m excited about! I opened up my own etsy store and the readings have been so flowing!! I love the ease of it and the ability to better communicate with my clients. It’s great stuff! Check it out.
wildgreenwoman etsy shop

That brings me to the other important thing on my mind right now. It’s the first Full Moon of 2015 tomorrow Sunday , January 4th. It goes by many names (after Yule moon, snow moon, cold moon) but the most popular name is the Wolf moon. Legends tell of hungry wolves howling at the moon outside of villages at this time of year. In many places it is a time of desperate cold and little food to be found that comes from the Earth. A quieter, more silent time of year. Even the landscape shows less variety of color and only small signs of life. Animals are in hibernation and the ones that aren’t are trying to preserve their energy so that they may survive. You can imagine the sound of the hungry wolves in this desolate, cold landscape. Their howls calling out to the dark heavens. To the glimmering moon. Trying to invoke a response from the universe perhaps?
I just love this moon! I feel like I’m lucky every time I get to set my eyes on the first round, beautiful moon of a brand new year of moments, each one a gift. This time of year is always deep and contemplative for me. I tend to move more into myself and review the contents of my head. I like to think about where I was at the beginning of last year and where I am today. I think of what I want to do, where I want to go, and who I want to be a part of my year. Sometimes I yearn for more. Sometimes I yearn for less. I mainly like to take the time to be thankful for each and every moment of the passing year. All the friends and faces that were in it and some of the ones I won’t see again but in my head. I always remember the people who aren’t available to me or I have lost even more this time of year. It seems it’s quieter and darker so I can hear better and feel their presence clearer.

I like to do my full moon reading every month but I always feel like this month is so powerful. It’s the beginning of a fresh start of sorts. The beginning of more potential. It really helps me to see what I need to let go of. Like a jump start to my year. I love the beautiful moon so much! Take care on this Wolf Full Moon Eve and happy happy happy Full Wolf Moon tomorrow!!❤️🌝❤️



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