Tarot teacher or Tarot companion?

I was cruising around the Internet looking up anything and everything about Tarot. I really love all the YouTube videos that are out. So many quality readers giving out advice and instruction. I scrolled down, and down, and down, when it became apparent just how many readers out there also teach. Soooo many teachers! It made me realize that after so many years of having the tarot be a major feature in my life (21 to be exact) I have never felt pulled to teach. I have never had a want to stand up in front of a class and teach methods and spreads. I do, however LOVE brainstorming and sharing the tarot with other readers, new or old. I have always felt I was too much of a student to teach. I feel like the Page of Cups; a bad teacher because I’m always off on my own dreamy adventure and my own adventure distracts me, but a good example. I’m dedicated, excited and always listening to the tarot!

I feel more like a companion when it comes to the advice I’ve given other readers who have asked. I feel like we are constantly learning from each other. No one is wrong. Everyone brings something different. I learn from the people I read for, even. Each new experience brings a lesson. Maybe it’s that I stay too open at times? I’m bad at concreting myself into anything. My mind is always changing and I would hate to drag a class full of people through the many faces of my mind. 

How do you view yourself? Do you aim to teach others or be a companion? I do believe you can be both. I have taken quite a few classes in recent years and all the best teachers I found were. Maybe someday I’ll change my tune but for now I will stay a companion and ever evolving student of the tarot. Those who I meet on that path may hold my hand for a while but we each must work toward our own destiny. 

-🌞 Addie


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