cropped-img_0715.jpgMy name is Addie Lawson. I’m a wife, mother, and tarot reader for over 20 years. I am also a current member of the Tarosohpy Tarot Association.  I started my tarot journey at the age of 10 when my sister gifted me a set of Dutch tarot cards. I spent many years learning from those cards without the use of books. I was young and had no money for them. I, instead let them talk to me, absorbing their meaning through feeling and intuition. Focusing on each image and its meaning in the moment I was reading it.  I’ve gone on to study quite a bit but I still choose to conduct my readings in the very “free” way I originally started. I was raised by a musician and an artist so freedom and spirit were always abundant in my household. I really see the cards as a tool, such as a map. They can illuminate all your options and the likely conclusion to the course you are currently on. Once you have knowledge of something, freewill comes into play. You can decide to continue on or attempt to change your course. Like reading a couple of pages out of a chapter of your life. Tarot can help heal, inspire, and clarify.

My hope is that this blog will be playful and informative. I love to share my unique take on tarot as well hear the opinions of others. May this place be filled with love, light, understanding, and knowledge!🌞

If you would like a reading from me, please make sure to check out my etsy shop. There are many spreads available and new ones being posted all the time. Come check out the magic!



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